Designer at Barn i stan AB

For about 2 ½ years I worked at Barn i stan AB as a layoutartist, image editor, web administrator and designer “handyman”. Starting out as a paper magazine in 2004, it was an information source for family friendly activities. Today the business has expanded to providing this information on the website,newsletter and apps for Iphone and Android (as well as Facebook and Twitter, of course).

My main responsibility was the layout of the paper magazine and making sure it went to print on time and up to quality standards. I also produced material for the newsletter, marketing and event material, print and web ads, managed office supplies as well as having responsibility of collecting and processing pictures for the magazine, the website and the app. Below are examples of the work I did. If you are interested in seeing more or specific examples, please contact me!


Advertising material

Barn i stan provided ad design help to their clients, if needed. Typically an ad would have to be finished under an hour (fixed price), so “quick and dirty” was key; it was my job to make sure the client was given a clear material request and then to make a simple design. Here are some examples of web banners I did for some of Barn i stan’s clients.

Web banners for Barn i stan

Print material

Much of the material I produced was based on templates created by (sometimes in collaboration with) an external design firm, and then following the graphic identity of Barn i stan. But I also created some templates and more freely designed material, like internal ad material, smaller advertorial pieces and illustrations to liven up the pages. Below on the left is a poster for which i created a template. This would advertise the editorial picks for each issue and hung in a display window at on of Akademibokhandeln‘s locations. Below on the right is a full page editorial ad for the magazine, advertising the launch of the new website in 2013. We wanted to give a quick guide to the new design by highlighting the three biggest improvements.

Print material for Barn i stan


The Barn i stan magazine

The biggest job in the magazine was to layout all the 350-500 “classified advertisements” that you see on the top right of the below images. This was a meticulous job and made possible in the short amount of production time allowed for each issue by using typographic templates, and then making fine adjustments so that the text would align to the page margins. In the same image is an example of a smaller advertorial piece, in this case a recipe from a client of Barn i stan.

In the top and bottom left are examples of how articles would look. Based on templates, the challenge would lie in creating a balance on the page with text and images, as well as coming up with a relevant illustration for the top border.

The left and center image is a full page advertorial for which I created a template. In this particular case advertising a collaboration event between Barn i stan and two clients; a movie theater and a clothing brand.

Material in the Barn i stan magazine



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