Dress and crop top

The pleasures of sewing your own clothes

Fashion is fun and cool and all, but for me it’s always been more important to feel good in what I wear. My clothes very often match my mood. It’s hard to wear dark colores in the summer and bright colors in the winter. When I’m feeling blue I tend to wear black. And when I feel creative I sew my own clothes.

Upcycling is fun too, I’ll take my old favorite jeans and turn [what’s left of] them into a skirt and a smartphone case. My grandmother once gave me an old faux leather jacket and a pair of old jeans, which I have so far turned into a purse.

Last time I was in a fabric shop I found this wonderfully patterned fabric that made me think of my cousin. It took me about six months (that’s what happens with inspiration sometimes), but this summer I picked up the fabric and just barely had enough material to make a crop top and a dress. I was a bit limited because I didn’t have a fancy sewing machine and had to use a stretchy seam and some clever hemming to make it work. I’m especially happy about how the stripes fit in to eachother. Here’s the result:

Dress and crop

For my birthday this year I got a fancy sewing machine (yey!). My lovely overlock has many adventures awaiting for it. But first, I’m going to look through my closet for old clothes and also use my gift certificate for an online shop where I will get lots of those end pieces that are too small to sell full price and put on sale (can’t just upcycle all the time…)