Cuckoo clock

As part of a first-year project where we were meant to design a clock out of parts from a basic IKEA clock, using all or some of the original product. Then we all displayed our clocks in the main hall of the school, priced them and had a sale. I sold one and gave the other to my friend. The exercise was to learn to design a commercial product that will sell, to price it reasonably or not and gage the response from the market. I wish I had taken a picture of the hall when all the products were displayed.

I kept the mechanisms and designed and made a cuckoo silhouette clock.┬áThe edges are painted red to highlight the shape and it is mounted on a box to give it a three dimensional feel. If I had to do the same design again, I would make it out of a thicker piece of wood and carve out the back to fit the mechanism. I’d remove the “weights” and just keep the main clock shape. However, some things are best left untouched. And maybe that is the case with this one. What do you think?

Material: MDF with acrylic paint, standard clockwork.