Cuckoo clock

As part of a first-year project where we were meant to design a clock out of parts from a basic IKEA clock, using all or some of the original product. Then we all displayed our clocks in the main hall of the school, priced them and had a sale. I sold one and gave the other to my friend. The exercise was to …Read more »

Handmade purses

Sometimes, when inspiration strikes, I need a purse for prom or my pants finally ripped beyond repair, I take out my beloved vintage sewing machine and throw something together. Below are a collection of purses I’ve made over the years. Not much, but it’s a sporadic hobby. …Read more »

Napkin rings

I got the idea of making napkin rings during a class in metal lathing I took before college. I thought it would be a fun experiment. I chose aluminum because it’s an easy material to work, it’s lightweight and it wont loose it’s color. I also happen to like to cold color tone. …Read more »